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Original Canvas - Hawthorns on Prussian Blue/Yellow Ochre/Turquoise

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Original Canvas - Hawthorns on Prussian Blue/Yellow Ochre/Turquoise

Acrylic, Ink, Pen, Varnish on Canvas.

******* This canvas is out on exhibition at the moment - please email [email protected] for any purchase enquiries. Thanks! ********

A striking line of Hawthorn trees on the horizon, set over a semi-abstract acrylic background, reminiscent of first or last light glowing through the trees. Featuring intricate, details in pen, this canvas is a celebration of natural beauty, glimpses of light, and earthy colours. Here, Lily has combined masking of areas with washes of inks, creating depth and subtlety. Finally, a glossy varnish enhances colour, and adds protection.

Nature is common to all of Lily's work, however she would never claim to offer gritty realism. Lily describes it more like focusing on an aspect of its beauty and running with it, seeing where it can be taken. Simplicity is key, which to Lily means creating something which people can hopefully take some pleasure and enjoyment from.

The canvas is stretched on a deep edge wooden frame with painted sides. Included is a made to measure box/tray frame, which is easy to remove if preferred. The frame is finished with Littlefair's water based non-toxic water stain in English Oak. Ready to hang.

Framed dimensions: 104.5 x 104.5 x 5cm
Unframed dimensions: 100 x 100 x 3.8cm